Thursday, June 25, 2009


Alright, I missed Wednesday by about 16 hours, but this will just have to do for some quick updates. I'm still at work, but no one else is, so I can spare a few minutes.

First of all, the list.

1) I attempted steak cooking again last night with somewhat better results than the first try. Thanks to some actual instructions from the internet and some fantastic spices, the steak turned out... well... better than last time. Still not great, but we're getting there. Gotta work on getting the timing down, because it was a little dry again. (A better cut of meat would probably be a good idea too... $5 for two sizzler steaks doesn't instill too much confidence in the quality of the beef.) I'm getting frighteningly good at spaghetti though. Dump in boiling water, wait, strain, eat. That's my kind of food.

2) I still haven't ridden my bike since the 30 mile ride out to the zoo right after school got out, but I've been getting my exercise in other ways. Seadooing/tubing is a great workout, and I've been golfing occasionally as well. I'm hoping to get a ride in tonight, but we'll see what happens.

3) Just a quick warning that this next section is going to be incredibly boring for almost everyone. You've been warned. Using Visual Studio 2005, I was able to create a little custom application that can chat with the Arduino over a USB cable that's acting as a serial COM port. The Arduino can talk back as well, but I haven't really integrated that into the app yet. Visual Studio is absolutely incredible in how easy it makes that type of communication. The entire program involved me dropping some text boxes and a button onto a blank form, then writing five lines of code to be executed when the button is clicked. Voila! I can now control a microchip from my laptop. More interesting than the fact that I can do this, though, is that after the last year of classes, I actually partially understand what's going on. Very cool.

4) My devos haven't changed much. I'm still reading a few chapters a night. I've gotten through Matthew, Ephesians, and I've started on I Peter. It's a strange order, but that's the way the "New Testament in 90 Days" set it up. I think it helps things not get too repetitive. (All four gospels in a row might not always have the same effect as splitting them up with some Pauline Epistles.) I'm learning things here and there, but actually I'm coming up with more questions than answers. I should really start writing them down so I can throw them up here for people to check out and maybe try to answer for me. It's hard to convince me of things, so you'd have to have some pretty good responses.

That's all. I'm going to pick up some shirts I ordered that were delivered to my parents' house today... if they don't fit I might burn something down.

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