Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Progress Report

Due to my realization, albeit slow, that my blog looks incredibly boring, I'm going to try to use some more formatting in my posts to spice it up just a little bit. Someday I may get around to personalizing the entire page, but who knows. Hopefully this breaks up the monotony a little bit.

Great week. Besides things still being a little (read: excruciatingly) slow around the office, I've been finding things to do.
  • Friday I took a "personal day" of sorts. I didn't take the day off from work, but I went to my parents' house afterwards and just hung around by myself all night. The rest of my family is in Nicaragua on a mission trip, so I was home alone. I watched a movie and some Late Night with Conan O'Brien, ate some snacks, and slept for nine hours.
  • Saturday I woke up at what I thought would be 9 o'clock, but I quickly realized it was 10:40. Not wanting to waste the day, I got out of bed, hung around, made some lunch, and watched another movie. I then moved on to some disc golfing, and some other things.
  • Sunday was fantastic. Started the day out with a nice 10 mile bike ride and followed it up with a trip to the beach in the afternoon. I love meeting new people, and had a blast tossing around a frisbee and playing some pretty intense beach volleyball.


My devotions have taken a hit in the last week, as I've kept myself busy (not an excuse) right up until bedtime and put them off several times. It's frustrating because it's something I know I need, but I'm not getting as much out of them as I think I should be. I don't feel like I'm learning much, but I need to stick with it. I should probably be making time during a different part of the day to work on that instead of bedtime, but I'm not sure when that would be. Suggestions, hints, or critiques are welcome, as I'm a bit lost in this area.

Just be real

Lately I've been realizing more and more that I do a fantastic job of putting up a facade to show people that I've got it all together. Yada yada, you've heard that speech before, but it's been getting to me a little bit. I'm horrible at being open and honest with people most of the time. I do a lot better job of listening to other people talk about themselves than talking about myself and what's going on in my head, and that's unfortunate. It's something I'm going to try to work on, so hold me to that if you're someone that I talk to on any sort of regular basis. It's not that I'm a different person than people see from the outside, I just don't share as much as I probably should.

Personal project

Over the past few days I spent some time working on a personal project that I think will help out a bunch of people. By "help out" I mean: provide an efficient timewaster, and by "a bunch of people" I mean: statistics nerds who also have a strong love for Michigan Football.

If you know me at all, you probably know I spend a lot of time on I tend to show it to people that have limited or no interest in Michigan Football and I usually get a sideways glance and an, "Ok Paul... that's cool..." Anyway, after each game there's a summary of the entire game with analysis of each and every play that took place over the course of the game. I decided that it would be cool to put it into some sort of database that would let you search through that data using any criteria you'd like. I did this, and I documented it on mgoblog here. The Access database is linked to on there, so if you feel inclined to check it out, feel free!

The best part is that while I did the leg-work of getting the data into a manageable format, other blog users who are much better at using/managing databases are using my database and improving upon it to hopefully get something web-based and easy to use for average-joe-fan. Can't wait to see where that goes.

Upcoming events

Lots to be excited about here in the near future:

  • I still need to see Bruno. This is a must. Can't wait.
  • Road trip to Wisconsin '09 takes place this coming weekend. I can't wait for golf, disc golf, pool ball, authentic Johnsonville brats, Pizza Ranch (I hope), and good company. It will be bliss, and it will be hard to get in the car and drive home afterwards.
  • Entourage is back. The first episode was good, but it set up a lot of things that I'm excited for. It's probably not good to be genuinely excited for what's going to happen in a TV show, but it is what it is, get off my back.
  • A friend of mine, has put up a list of songs that drip with the sweet sweet essence of summer. It's long and eclectic, but it's music you probably wouldn't run across on the radio for the most part. Links to each "set" are here, here, here, here, and here. (They're zip files, and can be played immediately upon extraction.) I highly recommend them, and I'm excited to continue working through them myself.

That is all.

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  1. Paul I just stumbled upon your blog. Hadn't seen it before. You have a knack with words. I just wanted to comment on the part about putting up facades. I struggle with the same thing. I've been struggling with it a lot lately. In fact just the other day Anna and I went on a walk and she was like Trudy, I always do the talking, you need to tell me about how you are. And I didn't really want to do that. So I guess I'm just lettin you know I can empathize, and that I will pray that we both learn to be more open/honest/real.
    - trudy

    p.s. if you don't want your little sis reading your blog you can tell me. i won't be offended =)