Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday Update (on Thursday)

I was very busy this past weekend with a trip to Sheboygan, Wisconsin to visit Tyler and the rest of the Smies clan. Any time I can spend a weekend with friends and have so much to do that I barely get to sit down is fantastic. I like lists, so here's a summary of what we did:
  • 57 (at least) holes of disc golf. Team Smies-Harvey-Bloem was triumphant in two of three rounds of 18, and only lost in the third round due to some heroic shots by Mitchell Brummel of team Medema-VanHeukelum-Brummel. That is not to say that the teams were mismatched, as one round went through three extra holes before a winner was decided, and the other two were decided by two strokes (tosses? throws? I don't know the correct terminology) or less.
  • 18 holes of actual golf on the Irish Course at Whistling Straits. Magnificent course (my new header picture was taken there) with some very challenging and exciting holes. I shot a reasonable score of 100, with a 52 on the front nine and a 48 on the back. Lots of stupid mistakes though, so there's definitely room to improve.
  • 3 games of pool ball. It's mayhem, it's torture, it's fun. Bloody toes, scrapes, and bruises could not keep us down as we fought to be the first to 21 points. I still haven't won a game in the four that I've played, but I was within a basket of winning twice this past weekend, and that's good enough for me (for now).
  • Other activities included free Pizza Ranch thanks to the Veldkamps, Church in the state park, volleyball, Burn After Reading (You think that's a Schwinn?!), Entourage during the two 6.5-hour car rides, and Johnsonville brats.

One of the better weekends I've had in a long time.

As far as my summer goals go, not a whole lot has changed.

Lots of exercise in the past week, mostly because of all of the golf/disc-golf/pool ball/volleyball in Sheboygan. I'm feeling more energetic lately, which is most likely a direct result of the increase in activity I've had over the summer.

My cooking hasn't really changed in the past week, but I have added brats to the list of food that I want to learn to cook to perfection. I bought some slightly higher quality steaks last week, and my results with those have been slightly above average (for me). Still a long way to go. I dominate pasta though... so that's good.

My technical projects have been put on hold for the most part. I don't really have any more ideas of things to do with my Arduino right now, but I'll try to get back into that at some point. I'd like to find some cheap motors that I can hook up to it just to see what I can do with that.

Devotions have gone from seldom to nearly non-existant in the last week, and I will be putting in the time this week to get those back on track.

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