Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, it's official. I've been accepted to the Computer Science & Engineering Masters program at the University of Michigan. Please excuse any sudden joyous outbursts that may occur. I waited a LONG time for that acceptance email, and not just since I applied in January. I've told people since middle school that my plans were the following: Graduate from high school, go to Calvin for Electrical and Computer Engineering (with a possible minor in Mathematics), and UofM for grad school. I've either been very lucky or very blessed, but there hasn't really been a hitch along the way of those plans, and my acceptance keeps that dream of mine alive. The situation isn't that simple though, and I'll talk more about that later.

Life has gotten hectic, frustrating, and exciting all at once it seems, and more changes are just around the corner. Between classes, senior design, an admitted half-hearted (or less) job search, and questions about grad school, most of my personal time is spent sleeping or zoning out. My lack of productivity is a topic that I won't get into now, but I will say that I'm working on it.

Senior design has been the biggest source of frustration for me lately, though it has been a ton of fun and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Someone once said that frustration only comes because you feel out of control, and that's true in my case. Little (and sometimes large) inconveniences add to the pressure until it's hard to focus on the task at hand. Waiting for crucial parts for five weeks only to have to reorder them the week before they're needed is an exercise in patience for me, and an exercise in trust for the rest of my team I'm sure. "No really guys, I know what I'm doing. We'll have the parts in time! (Knock on wood.)" Things are going relatively smoothly though, and I'm thankful for that.

My plans for after graduation have caused me considerably more anxiety. Should I take a job, should I go to grad school? Pay or get paid, fall behind to get ahead, learn in the classroom or in the field, lots of tough questions. I haven't made a decision yet, but I guess I'll have to in the next couple weeks.

Faith lessons have been abundant throughout all of these situations, and many others I haven't discussed yet. I'll spend more time expanding on those in the near future as I try to get back into blogging. I think it does a good job of organizing my thoughts, and that's something I could always use more of.

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