Saturday, October 23, 2010


I had the opportunity to attend another close friend's wedding last night and had a blast. It was a fantastic service, and the reception was great. The groom was courteous enough to schedule it for Michigan's bye week, and the bridal party entered to The Victors, so I felt right at home.

One of the biggest reasons I enjoyed the wedding was just the ability to reconnect with all the friends I am unable to see while I go to school in Ann Arbor. It had been at least a couple of months since I had seen most of them, and even longer for others.

Being who I am, I have a lot of devices that rechargeable batteries. I can pull the plug for a while and the gadget will function just fine, but eventually the cells start to run dry. The warning beep sounds. I get a little red pop-up window on my laptop saying that it is "running on reserve power." That is when I need to bust out the power cord and find the nearest wall socket. Once it has been plugged back in, though, it runs just like it had before.

Solid friendships are similar. With many surface level friendships, being disconnected for a little while is really no huge problem, but after some time they go stale. That is what happens when you see someone in the grocery store that has been absent from your life. It is awkward. Great friends are different. Reconnecting brings both parties back to their last encounter, and conversation flows.

That was my experience last night. I had so much fun learning about where all of my friends are in either their education or their new careers, along with all of the other things going on in their lives. It was great to fill them in on my situation and plans as well.

Most of all, the evening put in perspective how blessed I am with good friends, both those that were at the wedding and all of the others as well. Many people have more friends than I do (mostly because I'm horrible at introducing myself to someone new), but the quality of the ones I do have is unmatched.

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