Sunday, May 15, 2011


This blog is probably going to morph into something more like a journal over the next few months as I use it to document what I'm up to for family and friends to keep track of. If you have a problem with that, feel free to ignore everything I write from now through the beginning of September.

Yesterday was a long day. Got up at 4:45am ET, finished a little bit of packing, and headed on over to the airport. Both of my flights were on time, and I got an exit row seat on the first, so I was good and stretched out, at least for the start of the second leg of the trip. The first flight took me from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis, and the second dropped me off in beautiful San Francisco. (Technically just south of it.)

The weather yesterday could not have been much better, at least until it started to drizzle in the evening. High 50's, some sun, and a light breeze: pure bliss. The forecast is a little shakier for the next couple of days, with the possibility of some thunderstorms, which I'm told are very rare here, but that's fine. It looks like I brought a little bit of Michigan along with me.

After Michael (my cousin) picked me up at SFO, he took me over to Stanford's campus (gorgeous place) for an event being held by BUILD, which is where Sarah (Michael's wife) works. Great organization that helps to teach high schoolers about how to run businesses. At the event, teams were participating in a business plan competition as well as setting up small stores to sell products they had created, such as water bottles, phone holsters, and t-shirts. Very cool to see them all so excited about their projects.

The other main reason for stopping by there was the fact that they had food, and I hadn't eaten for 9 hours. Huge sandwiches were provided, so I was covered.

From there Michael took me on a driving/walking tour of Palo Alto and Mountain View with Andrew (Michael and Sarah's 1 year old son). I got to hang out and read some books with Andrew while Michael got his eyes checked, although he was more interested in banging a water bottle against the table than paying attention to the books. Can't blame him, he's good at it.

The final activities of the night were dinner at In-n-Out (double double animal style), which was delicious, and a viewing of The Informant over a bottle of Anchor beer. Got the whole story behind the Anchor brewery, and while I don't consider myself a beer connoisseur, it does taste just a little bit better when you have some sense of a specific beer's history.

Unsurprisingly, my body decided that despite the 21 hour day yesterday 6:30 would be a good time to wake up, so now I'm hanging out until heading to church with Michael and Sarah, grabbing some tri tip sandwiches (I have no idea either, but supposedly they're fantastic), and relaxing before I start work tomorrow morning.

I'm also quickly building up a list of "must-sees" in the area, so if you can think of anything that should go on there, be sure to let me know. I don't have a car, but I'm sure some of the other interns will have them and will be looking to see as much of norcal as they can as well.

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