Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Reminders

The past couple days have been gigantic blessings, to the extent that I find myself in awe once again. I'd love to pen some epic oration that expresses my wonder at the providence of the Lord, but I'm already getting a bit tired (8:30pm here... I'm a lame-o). So, in lieu of that work of art, here's another list (I know, lame.) that will hopefully get some of my gratitude. So without further introduction, here are just a few of the blessings that have been heaped upon me.
  • Sunday morning's worship service at Michael and Sarah's church was fantastic. Their pastor preached on the importance of being "in but not of" the world, and made a lot of great points that I think have been skipped over in other sermons I've heard on the topic. I always thought I understood that passage, but he brought it to a whole new level. So many nuances to that passage that really need to be teased out before you can fully catch what's going on. I'll try to remember to write up my specific thoughts on that sometime soon.
  • Michael and Sarah were once again incredibly gracious in taking me on a walking tour of downtown Palo Alto, introducing me to the tri-tip sandwich, and giving me my first taste of California froyo. All great things.
  • I was also provided with an extra measure of comfort and patience this morning as I was told the room I thought was reserved for me was, in fact, not. But, one large payment for 16 days of a hotel/motel/dormish room later, I'm safely settled in, and should be able to find a room mate (and the 50% reduction in room cost that comes with that) within the next week or two. Normally in situations like that I find myself panicing, especially since I can't just go crash at my parents' house this time, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that my blood pressure hadn't gone through the roof after getting everything sorted.
  • Finally, after wondering for most of the day how long it would take me to walk to the grocery store so I could stock up on a little bit of food, Michael and Sarah offered to take me home for dinner once again, and even took me to the store. (I was not blessed with Michigan grocery prices though... California is expensive in every way, shape, and form.)
It's strange, and a little disconcerting, to be this far from home, but everything so far has either worked out as well as I could have imagined, or at least been sorted out in a way that all of my creature comforts are taken care of, even if it is costing me a bit more than I expected.

I'll also try to give a little bit of background on the types of work I'm doing, at least as much as I'm allowed to say, some time soon as well. There are lots if intriguing projects going on here, so it's going to be fun getting my hands dirty on some real world stuff here pretty soon.

Also, if anyone wants to skype at some point, let me know and we'll set it up! The internet in my room now appears to be reasonably quick and reliable, so I think it would work fine.

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