Saturday, September 24, 2011

Units of Measure

As a fidgety person, I tend to find a lot of little pointless things to do in my head to pass the time. Usually these things happen while I should be concentrating on something else, but that's another matter entirely. One of the things I often find myself doing is unit conversions for one reason or another, and while on the subject today my mind wandered somewhere interesting. 

It's been three weeks and one day since I found out I have diabetes. Let's put that in some context, shall we? I've known for approximately 196 hours. That's 11,760 minutes. 705,600 seconds. That's the obvious set of units. Moving on.

I've been a diagnosed diabetic through four Michigan football games. That's 552 rushing yards by Denard Robinson, 128 points, and one miraculous win.

Some other metrics for the last three weeks:
  • 13 classes
  • 3 project meetings
  • 5 interviews
  • 3 beers
  • 1/2 a liter of used needles
The crazy part? Besides the sad puppy face I keep making at the doughnuts that show up mysteriously on the kitchen counter on Saturday mornings, the fact that I'm actually eating decent breakfasts, and the ~15 minutes a day I spend actually taking care of my shots, nothing much has changed. It's a conversation starter, and a heck of a way kill peer pressure. (Not really an issue in the first place, but the exchange, "Hey you want another beer?!" "Nah, thanks though!" "Oh c'mon, why not?!" "Diabetes." "Oh..." will probably never get old to me.) My daily prayers don't consist of pleas for relief; I have more stressful things going on than this.

Life goes on, with or without shots.

I guess it's at this point that I'll apologize for the scourge of diabetic posts I've hurled on the internet in the last few weeks. No promises that it doesn't continue, but at least you know that I know that it's probably annoying and comes off as a bit passive aggressive towards my (good-for-nothing, deadbeat) pancreas. 

But now I need to do homework. Thanks for taking part in my distraction. 

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