Monday, November 26, 2012

Wake Up Call

I don't know I'm dreaming at the moment, but what I do know is that I feel fantastic. Just perfect. I'm warm without overheating; comfortable. I'm squeezing something, a pillow in the real word, giving it a tight hug. I somehow know by instinct that I don't need to leave for work for a while.

That comfort is slowly being mixed and faded with something less so. It, whatever "it" might be in my current state, is becoming rhythmic, and whatever the subject of my dream may have been is slipping fast into a heavy beat. A pounding. An actual, literal pounding heart beat. The slow fade is now less so.

I'm now overheating. Adrenaline and euphoria have given way to a mild panic. In opening my eyes to confirm that I am in fact safe and in my bed, I confirm only that I am in my bed, greeted by a ring of vision punctuated at its center with a splotch of unnatural colors. But now I am awake, and can gather my wits.

For a moment I make a spirited but futile attempt to grasp at the story my mind had woven and presented to me. As expected, I fail.

Thankfully, in a miracle of chemistry and providence and technology and chocolate and toffee covered pretzels, it turns out that a small snack is all I need to set things right again.

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